Nigerian’s vocalist and composer Black Magic presents his first 2019 projects. The singer dwells on the Rythm and Blues and Rap genres. He has released two brand new singles back to back. One of the tracks is tagged Anything for Love. Black Magic works in Based on Belief Entertainment which is based in Naija.

Since he began his musical journey, Black Magic has now done three albums. He refers to them as Black Magic Versions 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. The lines in Anything for Love are totally mind-blowing and would make you fall or just do anything for love. It’s produced by Spax

A couple of years ago, the rap artist disclosed why he changed his stage name to Black Magic. Initially, he went by the name Ejay. He said that his idea was to musically recreate the magic or charm that is usually associated with black people. This he said has worked quite well for him.

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