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Best 2022 Video games for PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One that are still big in 2019

2018 has been a really active year for gamers, with nearly every renowned Gaming company releasing a flagship video game. Well for the better part of the year, we have seen very many instant classics receive phenomenal comebacks through new updates and patches. The likes of Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and Battlefield V maintained a good performance throughout 2018. Well, we’ve compiled some of the best games by the fall of the year, some of which are still very relevant and competitive in 2019. Have a look.

Forza Horizon 4

Myself being a real fan of racing and driving games I am almost tempted to label the all-new Forza Horizon 4 the best video game ever this year. Nevertheless, judging from the competition from other gaming categories, there were some real challengers to Microsoft Studios’ new version of the racing game. Going a little deeper under the hood, you can see some bit of an improvement in terms of graphics quality from the previous build of  Forza Horizon. This time the game is set in a fictional depiction of the United Kingdom, featuring breathtaking views of cities like Edinburg among others. Playground games also featured some rather less-known places in the UK for the 4th version of Forza Horizon.  These include the Northumberland coast and the Bamburgh Castle.

However, so far the game does not support London as a location. Playground Games confirmed this bit which kind of feels like a disappointment to most gamers especially now that London is a key city in the history of Britain. I mean for anybody who’s played any driving video game with a UK context, like Euro Truck Simulator, you can tell that London is a very focal city of the whole gaming experience. All the same, we can expect future patches and updates to support the city, if all goes well. Unfortunately, PS4 users won’t enjoy this version of Forza Horizon for the better part of early 2019, since this game is only supported on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.  Overall, the game is super cool and it just recently won an award (2days ago) at The Game Awards 2018 for the best Sports/ Racing Game.

Hitman 2

This one was a pretty late entry into 2018 and might amass a huge fan base even in 2019. The IO Interactive-produced game succeeds its 2016 version but follows almost a similar plot. However, Hitman 2 is not an episodic game and therefore unlike its previous build has more content and game scenes. Overall the game had quite a good reception worldwide after its release last month (13th November 2018). One thing I liked in this game is added gaming and combat scenes. Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment included other functionality within the game such a wider collection of suits, locations, and improved graphics. Delve into the world of Agent 47 and get to accomplish missions in Mumbai and Colombia. Apart from working flawlessly on Microsoft Windows, this game is also supported in PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Just Cause 4

Avalanche Studios released its 4th build of Just Cause last week and up until now, some of us haven’t gotten our heads around the game. Just like its previous versions, (Just Cause 2 and 3), this new game is a heavy combat action-adventure game with numerous scenes and improved physics. Actually, Square Enix expects to see improved purchases with this game in 2019 judging from the major leaps in performance that this game has made. Windows PC users, in particular, were favored in this build and should expect major improvements in graphics performance now that Just cause 4 runs on Avalanche’s newest game engine.

This new AI enhanced engine makes the players in JC4 smarter and can actually simulate adverse weather conditions such as sandstorms and tornadoes.  The game’s context is in South America, a region that is known for blizzards and extremities in terms of weather conditions. The game’s developers set the game in a small fictional country known as Solís, where the main character Rico Rodriguez,  goes up against a private army (The Black Hand)run by notorious female guerilla combatant Gabriela Morales.

Basically, this is a continuation of JC3’s scenes, since, The Black Hand are said to have served as a mercenary group to Just Cause 3’s dictator Sebastiano Di Ravello. This cross-platform game is supported on PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC’s.


Arguably one of the most popular cross-platform games in 2018, Fornite won’t be going anywhere in 2019. As a matter of fact, there is a very high chance that the game remains one of the most played games next year. Since its initial release in 2017, Fortnite has racked up a huge fan base especially for its multiplayer functionality. There is also a probability that Epic Games is working on a 2019 version of the game, just to keep up against its competitors.

We that played Fortnite this year, are more likely to remain loyal to the game in the coming years, especially if the publisher keeps releasing newer patches for the game. Up until now, there is very little that we can say of Fortnite 2019, other than the fact that is a big possibility. The fact that this online video game is supported across a wide range of devices further increases its chances of never leaving our screens. Currently, you can play Fortnite on PlayStation 4, Android, Xbox One, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Mac OS and Windows devices.

God of War 2018/2019

This is certainly one of the best 2018 games that stand a high chance of remaining relevant in 2019. Sony’s David Jaffe and his team did a recap of the antiquated 2005 GOW and added helpful bits from other releases including God of War Ascension to make this new game a perfect candidate for 2019. The recently ended Game Awards saw God of War scoop three major awards among them,

  • The Game Of The Year Award
  • Best Action/Adventure Award
  • Best Studio/Game Direction

The only limitation with God of War is that it’s only supported on PS4 and this means that the bulk of Xbox One and Windows PC users can’t play it.  2018/2019’s God of war is the eighth installment of the GOW series. This game has seemingly garnered more traction than any of the other previous builds of GOW, hence we should be seeing a lot of it even in the coming years.

Featured Image Courtesy of IGN YouTube

Written by Chuy R

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