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Bruce Springsteen – Tucson Train Video & Free mp3

I have to say, not many artists can make a work of art be both vintage and modern at the same time, but it seems like the American singer and songwriter Bruce Springsteen has it all figured out. His new music video Tucson Train appears effortlessly phenomenal. Actually to Bruce, this was more like shooting fish in a barrel.

The new Tucson Train video illustrates a black and white recording with a live band giving the viewer a front-row seat to the complexity of writing a song.

The use of real live music instruments gives the song a smooth heartfelt flow of notes and vocals that only a master writer can give. On the other hand, Tucson Train lyrics are affectionate and thoughtful.

The rock and pop soundtrack is listed in his 19th album Western Stars which is scheduled to be released on June 14th, 2019.

Other projects from the artist include; Hello sunshine and There goes my miracle

This masterpiece was produced by Ron Aniello a sculpture from Columbia Records. The dynamic duo had also teamed up in two other albums;

  1. Wrecking ball (2012)
  2. High hopes (2014)

This is his first solo project since 2005, with a catchy title Devil’s and dust. Honestly, this is my favorite beat of all time. If something’s good, it’s good!

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