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BTKO MP3 Download – Caskey (Courtesy of WSHH)

Rapper Caskey is simply whoa! His new banger BTKO is a good sign that the rapper is making great strides in his hip hop journey. Making it in Hip-hop is a problem in itself. However, Caskey doesn’t worry about problems, he gets things done and does it quite well. As evident in his newest album dubbed Black Sheep 4.

This music video is off the chain, trap music is rewriting the history books. In other words, Trap music is on a sixteen wheeler thundering down music street and Caskey has got the keys.

BTKO video is behind the wheel. This tune is super sick, listing down what we love, drip, cars, super ill inspired lyrics, and some mind-numbing bass. I never thought a track can excite me but this song is giving your homeboy goosebumps.

Black Sheep 4 is the album title, catchy title that plainly means different from others. Black Sheep is scheduled for release on Date April 12, 2019.

The album enlists the following tracks within it. If you are wondering what is the meaning of BTKO, then you are not alone. You can find the simplest BTKO Meaning on Caskey’s Twitter handle.

1. 55 M’s
2. Mad Man
3. Remember
4. Collect Calls
5. Better by Myself

The track was Written by Caskey himself and was produced by producer Anonymass. Just when you think you’ve got a favorite song, another one roles by and a switch up. Enjoy BTKO by Caskey below. We shared this song and everything about it courtesy of WorldstarHiphop.

Written by Laura M

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