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Epic and 2K Games in Dance stealing Lawsuit for Fortnite

Epic games and their close competitor 2K Games are the latest victims of a copyright infringement lawsuit relating to stealing a dance in the gaming community. Actor Alfonso Ribeiro sued the makers of Fortnite for allegedly using his dance from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, a 90’s movies to make the epic “Fresh” emote. The emote which is present in  Fortnite: Battle Royale is one of the coolest theatrical moves in the game. The case is still unresolved with lawyer  David Hecht spearheading the progress of the suit.

Moments after Alfonso sued Epic games, the actor went ahead and filed a second lawsuit this time against 2K games. According to the Fresh Prince actor, the game developers also used his dance in their game NBA 2K a couple of times without permission. Ribiero hopes to be compensated for the use of his intellectual property in both games which have grossed for millions since their release. The suit comes at a time when hip-hop rapper 2 Milly sued both gaming companies for using his dance moves in their games. Milly recorded that his “Milly Rock” dance was used without permission in Fortnite’s “Swipe It” emote.

Lawsuits of this nature have become very common especially now that game developers are making huge profits from their software. By including and imitating popular artists and actors in their games’ characters, these companies are able to humanize the whole gaming experience.

Image courtesy of #Zerkaaplays Youtube

Written by Chuy R

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