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Fortnite Respawning, Season 8 or 9? New Epic games revelation!

Epic Games is reconsidering adding a Fortnite Respawning feature into the game’s blockbuster mode Battle Royale. In a fiery Reddit AMA last Friday, a reputable producer of the game denoted that their engineers are planning on integrating a respawning utility on the next update of the game.

Fortnite Respawning might become a very relevant topic of discussion in the next season of the game. Since this information hit the internet,  the blogs and forums have gone nuts discussing both the upsides and downsides of this new update.  Battle Royale’s main concept is to remain the last man standing.  If Fortnite respawning or reviving is integrated into this next season,  then it means that gamers will have a hard time realizing the goal of this mode.

Since the release of the 7th season of the game,  Fortnite’s loyal fans have been sharing different opinions on Apex Legends an update of the game that integrates the respawning concept quite reasonably.

Although reviving of downed players is not exactly an official feature of the game at this point,  most people that have played Fortnite with Apex Legends have responded to the feature quite positively.  Nevertheless, up to now no official statement from the Game developing company has been released on this matter.

Other notable updates that might be coming to the 8th season of the game include a possible single-occupancy vehicle. Just last week,  Epic games integrated a Drift board which is basically a snowboarding utility to the game. Gamers were really expectant of the hovering snowboard especially now that it was predicted to be included in the ending 7th season of the game. We hope the Fortnite Respawning feature won’t suffer similar delays in the near future.

Video and Image courtesy of TmarTn2 YouTube

Written by Chuy R

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