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Greaze Mode MP3 – Skepta ft. Nafe Smallz

The Greaze mode video by Skepta featuring Nafe Smalls debuts a bank robbery in a sort of retro fashion era. The dramatic scenes in the visuals showcase the mob gang Zut suits, signature to the early 1970s, as seen in most of Michael Jackson’s music hits.

The video starts with a dramatic and exciting start with Skepta trying to escape the police. This being his 4th album titled Ignorance is bliss, Greaze mode MP3 will surely sell the album off. Actually, the song is the 3rd track in the said album.

On the other hand, Ignorance is bliss is scheduled for release on 31st May 2019. Followed by the next track Bullet From A Gun. At the start of the track, it seems as though Skepta is featured in a pop song artistry, but a fun twist, this is hip hop, trap music to be on point. Greaze mode lyrics are definitely rocking my world 😂, as a trap fanatic I should add.

Skepta does remind me of ASAP Rocky, especially in his lyrics “I praise the Lord” a super talented trap star from America, while this track is from the Brits. The lyrics bring the video to life with hostages and adrenaline-packed drama. Twenty years in the making and I’m liking these odds.

I’m now a fan of British hip hop, if you’re not a fan of trap music, this will surely change your mind. This is sound engineering that will kick start your insatiable hunger for hip hop.

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Written by Laura M

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