Gucci Mane is now the subject of discussion after his baby mama Sheena Evans revealed that she lives on welfare while her rapper ex-boyfriend is busy spending millions on expensive jewelry. In a recent court hearing, Ms. Sheena demanded an increase in child support payments by the rapper, claiming that Guwop is now in a position to pay up to $20,000 in monthly child support fees. A while back Radric Delantic Davis aka Gucci Mane fathered a child with Ms. Evans who came to be known as Keitheon.

Despite the fact that the two separated years ago over a failed relationship, Gucci has been paying Keitheon’s mother a monthly fee of not less than $2026, in support of their son. Even at the time of his incarceration, Mane was still expected to pay this fee, which was reasonable to the jury judging from the fact that the rapper has been in prison for the better part of his music career. Even after his major release in 2011, Mane was arrested a couple of times more for battery, assault as well as disorderly conduct charges. He allegedly was in possession of marijuana and had a concealed weapon.

In his defense, the rapper who had previously changed his name to Guwop held that his income had not changed a coin and thus would not be in a position to pay the new child support fee. Having spent so many years and months in jail, it is a wonder how the rapper’s net worth has grown almost overnight. As Sheena claims as from 2011, Radric’s income has skyrocketed not to mention that he just spent $1Million on his wedding.

Now Mane’s baby mama wants a fatter check from the artist as she claims that she depends on government support for family upkeep. Ms. Sheena is believed to be living in a Section 8 housing facility. A section 8 in America refers to a housing facility where the government provides needy tenants with rental assistance by paying a percentage of the monthly rent to landlords.

Jason Persse from Brooklyn, USA [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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