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Life Aint Easy – CS ft. Estizzy [Music Video]

Life Ain’t Easy we all know that. Given that, guys like CS and Estizzy really take their time and just remind us that they have faced many hardships that come with living the Music life. Their new song dubbed Life Aint Easy gives all hustlers out there a good reason not to lose hope.

In this banger, the duo insists that you should hold your head up high and keep going. To get off the ground dust yourself off and don’t give up.

This song has left me inspired and willing, to persevere the insanity that life throws at every human being under the solar system. To be honest, CS and Estizzy are super lit. I’m waiting to hear better and outstanding collaborations from them in the near future. Enjoy!

This song is named after the Late Mac Millers own song also titled in the same way. But of course, comparing the two songs, Mac Miller’s Life Aint Easy version is somewhat superior. Mac Miller released his version back in 2011 and included it in the album Best Day Ever. 

Nevertheless, Estizzy and his rapping crew are still a force to reckon with. Their version of the video showcases some hood Boyz doing their thing wrapped in the Gang style. The lyrics too are super inspiring and entertaining.

Written by Laura M

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