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Prity Visha Wanted Sex Before Marriage- Stevo Simple Boy Reveals Reason For Break-up With Ex-girlfrien

No sex before marriage- Says Stevo Simple Boy

The Kenyan upcoming and now popular ‘ Freshi Barida’ singer Stevo Simple Boy has revealed the major reason that led to the break-up with her longtime girlfriend, Prity Visha. In a recent interview, the singer said that they could not agree with his ex-girlfriend Purity, on the controversial and sensitive topic on staying celibate till marriage. She consequently felt it was too much of a demand from him and decided to call it quits for their romantic relationship.

Stevo quickly adds that marriage was created and ordained by God, and therefore sex is sacred and should not be enjoyed out of wedlock. He also expressed his desire of wanting to have at least 50 children quoting the Bible that human beings were ordered to go and fill the earth. Notably, the singer added that Prity is not the ideal wife material he wants in his life and therefore the incompatibility too.

Additionally, Stevo Simple Boy says that right now he is in a happy and better place with his new management, Men In Business (MIB). They recently launched the Stevo Simple Boy Closet with the ‘Freshi Barida’ Tag consisting of T-shirts. Men Boxers, and Hoodies. The singer concludes by urging people to always keep their trust in God.

Written by Ivy Quinn

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