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Sauti Sol Sued By Les Wanyika Band Over Copyright Issues

Les Wanyika Boys Band Accuse Sauti Sol For Sampling Their Songs Without Permission

Renowned Kenyan Boys Band Les Wanyika recently made accussations on Sauti Sol for sampling their music on more than one occasson without pemission. The band says they had no idea that the Afro-pop artists were using their songs to make hits. The iconic band are widely known for their ‘Sina Makosa’ hit dating from the 1980.

Salim Zuwa, the lead vocalist in Les Wanyika band says that Saut Sol sampled their viral hit Sina Makosa in Suzzana. The track was released on February 2020 and has garnered more than 23 million views on Youtube. The bnd was not approched to give copyrights for the song and therefore have not received any royalties on the same.

Another tune that Les Wanyika claims to been sampled  Sauti Sol is Shauri Yako in the making of Nenda Lote which is a song in their Midnight Train Album. Additionally, the band says some artists such as Wyre from Kenya and Cool James from Tanzania consulted and paid them for using their songs.

The vocalist says that its time and they have decided to make a follow-up on the matter so that they also get their rightful share from them.

Written by Ivy Quinn

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