Teeyah – T’es Pas Méchant

Teeyah has just left the studios with a new banger.  This one is tagged T’es Pas Méchant which can be translated from French to mean “You’re not naughty.” The singer, who also happens to originate from the French dominated state, Ivory Coast, took his creativity to the next level in this new song.

As of now Teeyah is still an upcoming singer in the West African region and hopes to be in the same league as other female singers in the region such as Dobet Gnahoré and Antoinette Konan. Her vocals are a wonder and back in her home country, she is revered. Some of Teeyah’s notable lyrical works include En Secret, Micka, Sans toi, and Qui Je veux. All huge French bangers in her country.

T’es Pas Méchant lyrics are pretty ironic. Despite the fact that the song’s title denies any naughtiness, anybody who understands the language can see the irony in it. Anyway, this is a good song, hope you like it.

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Written by Chuy R

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